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Conception, development and communication of innovative ITS, GIS and IoT solutions in the mobility sector


More than 15 years of experience in the mobility sector, a comprehensive expertise in technology, communication and project management and a long-standing network within public administration and partner companies form the basis for my activities. These include conception, development and communication of innovative solutions in the mobility sector. The focus is on projects and research projects in the fields of Intelligent Transport Systems ITS, Geoinformationsystems GIS and Internet of Things IoT.

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heimbuchner consulting GmbH prefers working in teams and consortia and is especially involved in initiation, conception and networking, in project management and handling of research funding as well as integrated communication.

Selected reference projects are AALmobi, AALmobi_cargo, AnachB, Construction Site Vienna App, Bikenavi, BIS, CoMPASS, Digital Additional Board, ECo-AT, EVIS AT, Escape Route Navigator, Graph Integration Platform GIP, iLoadingzone, ITS Vienna Region, MAHÜ App, MyITS, MyTRIP, Testfield Telematics or Traffic Information Austria VAO.

CA Nomination 2018

IoT Baseplate – Onsite Traffic Data to go

The award-winning IoT Baseplate concept integrates an encapsulated IT unit into the housing of a traffic baseplate to extend it to an intelligent, networked and mobile „Internet of Things“ solution. Depending on several functions it contains a combination of sensors, processor, GPS, SIM card, battery pack and switches integrated in the stand intake.

IoT Baseplate is robust, energy self-sufficient, modular stackable, fully compatible with further construction site facilities (e.g. warning sign trailers) and can be integrated seamlessly into existing work processes.

IoT Baseplate detects, communicates, transmitts and receives realtime traffic data (start/end, images, position, traffic quality) on traffic events.

IoT Baseplate is uniqe in market and protected by international patents.


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